Bernard Kat reports on behalf of the Professional Affairs board.

RECORDS are an important element
of professional practice, whether
they are written or typed on paper,
audio-taped, video-taped, photographed
or recorded through...

Many people gamble regularly on the UK National Lottery. Eileen Hill and Janis Williamson discuss the decisions players make when participating in the Lottery draw, and explain the psychological principles underlying those decisions.

MARK Griffiths, in his article ‘The
National Lottery and scratch-cards’
(The Psychologist, January
1997), claims ‘the lottery phenomenon
has gripped the nation’s psyche’....

Margaret McAllister, President of the
Society from 1996-1997,gave her Presidential Address
at the Society ’s Annual Conference in April 1997.

THE effects of context on human behaviour have long been recognized.
Psychology as a discipline operates in a wide variety of contexts
and I propose to consider some of those contexts...