Clai Rice and Brandon Barker consider what some classic tricks tell us about perception and our understanding of reality.

We have spent the past seven years studying an overlooked kind of children’s folklore: a genre of play in which youngsters perform traditionalised kinaesthetic and verbal actions in order to...

Dinsa Sachan considers the evidence on how foreign living shapes us.

Recent research shows that people who live abroad are often more creative and successful in their careers. But there’s also one big downside associated with foreign experiences. 

Talia Berkowitz, Marjorie W. Schaeffer, Christopher S. Rozek, Sian L. Beilock and Susan C. Levine consider what kinds of parent support promote children’s academic achievement.

Parents are often unsure what role they should play in supporting their child’s academic development. How much help should they give, and what kind? Partly due to the mixed messages that...

On Twitter, we asked our followers to share ‘a book that shaped me’.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Ilyana Kuhling is the winner of our annual poetry competition.
Can exposure to the colour red change behaviour? G. Neil Martin reviews the evidence.

Anthropologists have had a field day with the colour red. It has been used to signify everything from danger to romance to horror to sexual allure. But what does the psychological research...

Derek Larkin and colleagues consider mental health in elite sport.
Mariella Miraglia and Gail Kinman review the evidence on presenteeism.

Have you ever struggled into work when you felt sick enough to stay at home? If so, you are one of the 43 per cent of European workers (according to a 2012 Eurofound survey) who have engaged...

Loren L. Toussaint and Everett L. Worthington Jr review the evidence and look at interventions.

Rumination undercuts forgiveness and keeps the offender, the offence, and the burning emotions of revenge and hatred fully alive. How can psychological research and practice help people to...

The psychology of self-driving vehicles, with Stephen Skippon and Nick Reed.

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles (AVs), once the stuff of science fiction, are poised to become reality. Automotive manufacturers are progressively automating more and more aspects of...

We collect together the entries so far.
A round-up of some recent book extracts we've published here, with thanks to the publishers.
In an exclusive extract from his new edited book Wonder Woman Psychology, Travis Langley introduces a superhero with particularly psychological origins.
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The Psychologist A to Z continues.
We set some challenges to keep you occupied over the holidays.
An exclusive extract from 'Careful!', the new book by Steve Casner (published by Macmillan).
Sally Marlow and Kate Johnstone, Associate Editors for Culture, consider its novel use in mental health.
Chris Athanasiadis suggests how depressed men can transcend their stoic approach.
Matthew Pugh on the use and potential of chairwork.

If you could have a conversation with someone important, or with a part of yourself, who would you chose to speak to? What would you want to say? How might it feel to be able to truly speak...

Eloise Stark looks at whether ‘slow and steady wins the race’.
Brian Parkinson (University of Oxford) reviews the evidence on interpersonal effects of facial expression.