An exclusive extract from 'The Happy Brain', the new book from neuroscientist, blogger and comedian Dean Burnett.
Michelle K. Ryan and Teri A. Kirby on why ‘Lean In’ is both an underrated and overrated phenomenon.
Clinical Psychologist or Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Health & Social Care Partnerships, Lake District, Cumbria.
Tim Lomas (University of East London) with some highlights from his new books Translating Happiness and The Happiness Dictionary. With five bonus words…
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
In the second article in our special collection on The New Psychology Of Health, Jolanda Jetten on when groups are disadvantaged and stigmatised.
S. Alexander Haslam introduces a special collection with his ‘Lists for Life’: what will kill you and what will make you stronger?

Over the past 50 years a huge body of evidence, dating back to Tajfel’s famous minimal group studies, has built up support for the idea that social identity a sense of ‘us-ness’ is central to...

In the third contribution to our special feature on The New Psychology of Health, Genevieve Dingle takes a social identity route in and out of substance use.

Substance-using groups and identities may not be healthy and positive forces in our life, but people value them. Mapping such networks, and ensuring they are replaced, may be the key to...

In the fourth piece in our special collection on The New Psychology of Health, Tegan Cruwys considers the evidence that identifying with others is a sustainable route to wellbeing.

Too many people know the suffering of depression firsthand. Approximately one in five experience it at some stage in their life – the figure is even higher in areas afflicted by disaster,...

In the concluding piece in our special feature on The New Psychology of Health, Catherine Haslam on moving beyond social prescribing, by applying Groups 4 Health to unlock the social cure.

In January the UK government decided to appoint the first minister for loneliness in the UK. For the party who gave us ‘there’s no such thing as society’, this represents a major, overdue...

Your chance to get those creative juices flowing…
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"Living in a geographically sparse landscape creates a challenge for developing an equitable psychology service".
In an exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Working Life' – part of the Routledge series 'The Psychology of Everything' – Toon Taris considers recovery from work.
In an exclusive chapter from his book 'The Psychology of Trust' – part of the Routledge series 'The Psychology of Everything' – Ken Rotenberg considers big issues of racial bias, corruption and police trust in themselves.
In an exclusive chapter from her new book 'The Psychology of Addiction' – part of the Routledge series 'The Psychology of Everything' – Jenny Svanberg considers addiction and recovery.
Claire Elliott considers the significance of ‘electronic voice phenomena’.

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) describes the anomalous speech-like sounds often found on electronic recordings. A staple in our modern diet of 'ghost-hunting’ programmes, EVP may be of...

What’s it like to never forget? Jack Dutton investigates ‘highly superior autobiographical memory’.

People with highly superior autobiographical memory can remember vast spans of their lives, often from an early age. How rare is this condition, what are the causes, and is it a blessing or a...

Dr Joseph Jebelli introduces an extract from his Wellcome Book Prize nominated book In Pursuit of Memory: The Fight Against Alzheimer's.
We are trialling a new scheme to identify and nurture new 'voices in psychology'. Tell us why we need psychology, and what psychology needs, and you could be part of it. Updated for 2019.
An exclusive extract from 'With the End in Mind: Dying, death and wisdom in an age of denial' (William Collins, HarperCollins UK) by Kathryn Mannix, longlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize 2018. "…the story-teller can hold our hand, even as we walk into the scary places…"
An exclusive chapter from a new book by Melissa Dahl, 'Cringeworthy: How to Make the Most of Uncomfortable Situations'.
Vacancy on the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy by Professional Studies (DCPsych).
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