Deputy Editor Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne introduces the issue.
Charlotte Markey on writing 'The Body Image Book for Girls'.
We delve into the archive to pick out some highlights from this month in past years.
Clinical psychologist ‘Dr Roni Pea’ with reflections on life-threatening illness.
A collection of our articles on psychology and cancer, with comment from Dr Mike Rennoldson.
Emma Young, writing for our Research Digest, combines a recent conference and research to consider how individuals and societies might best flourish.
Sarah Atayero on the need for diversity in training and the workforce.
Naomi Fisher considers the arguments for self-directed education.

The literature on not attending school is full of negative outcomes; Jason Schoeneberger’s 2012 review suggests that dropping out of school is associated with incarceration, unemployment,...

A collection of archive links to introduce the latest episode of our Research Digest podcast, PsychCrunch.
A collection of articles on psychology and education.
We extract some myths from Dr Suzi Gage’s new book, ‘Say Why to Drugs: Everything You Need to Know About the Drugs We Take and Why We Get High’, with kind permission from Hodder & Stoughton.
A collection of articles on the effects of legal and illegal substance use.
Geoffrey Beattie on his new book, Trophy Hunting: A Psychological Perspective.
In a feature from our Research Digest blog, Emma Young considers activism.
Jon Sutton introduces the issue.
…with Nigel Blagg Associates.
For our latest annual poetry competition, we received dozens of entries…
Sarah Crafter and Humera Iqbal on the positives and negatives of child language brokering in the everyday lives of immigrant families.
We delve into the archive to pick out some highlights from this month in past years.
Eloise Stark on a promising addition to the mental health landscape.

In April 2018, I enrolled on a tutor training course with the Oxfordshire Recovery College. Could I use my experiences of mental ill health, time within ‘the system’ and eventual recovery in...

Following a personal encounter with the criminal justice system, forensic psychologist Dr Hannah Jones voices her concerns over the potentially retraumatising processes victims must go through.

In 2017 my partner was seriously assaulted. As a forensic psychologist working in the criminal justice system, I thought I had a fairly good knowledge of the processes involved following a...

A collection of articles on sleeping and dreaming...
Sophie Meakin on the benefits of her university’s ‘research partners’ project.
Robert MacRory-Crowley and Kevin O’Malley on ‘heroism science’, ahead of its third biennial conference at the University of Limerick.

From Hercules slaying the Nemean Lion, Joan of Arc rousing France or Nelson Mandela fighting apartheid, heroes have captured imaginations and animated movements for millennia. But what makes a...

Dr Stacey A. Bedwell on addressing the anxieties of pet ownership.