‘Lesson 6’ from ‘Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain’, the new book by Lisa Feldman Barrett.
Jose Catalan and Damien Ridge look to HIV for pathways out of the Covid-19 pandemic.
An extract from ‘Shake it off! Build emotional strength for daily happiness’ by Rafael Santandreu, published by Arcturus Publishing Limited.
This writer's background motivated her to understand and address prejudice and discrimination.
Emma Young digests the research.
Anna Sutton on promoting Authenticity to enhance Well-being and Engagement at work.

According to the media, millennials have different priorities in comparison with previous generations. We are told, for example, that they would rather have pets than children and are eating...

The winners and runners up in our latest 'Voices In Psychology' programme.
Lorna Selfe on a career spent swimming against the tide of segregation.
Psychology 101: The 101 Ideas, Concepts and Theories that Have Shaped Our World (Bloomsbury Business) by Adrian Furnham is out now. We asked Adrian to tell us about his top 10 ideas, concepts and theories…
Social distancing meets social psychology in Beth Richards’ project for her British Psychological Society Undergraduate Research Assistantship Award.
An extract from The Myth of Experience: Why We Learn the Wrong Lessons and Ways to Correct Them by Emre Soyer and Robin M. Hogarth, with kind permission from the publisher PublicAffairs.
Fears of child sexual abuse are on the rise in the digital era, with the internet providing a perfect playground for predators. But could technology also be the solution? Talia Gilbey writes.
Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne introduces the January issue.
Employer: Connect Psychological Services
Cordelia Galgut on living with the long-term effects of cancer.
Emma Young digests the latest research on working from home during Covid-19.
An extract from ‘Why We Love and Exploit Animals: Bridging Insights from Academia and Advocacy’ edited by Kirstof Dhont and Gordon Hodson, published by Routledge. This chapter was written by Tobias Leenaert.


As many as 70 billion farmed animals (including birds, pigs, cows, goats, and sheep, but excluding marine animals) are raised and killed each year for food....

Fiona Zandt on creative ways to help children and families understand anxiety.
Christopher Boyle on children’s experiences of Christmas magic and myth. Warning: contains festive spoilers…
Dr Sue Jackson seeks a useful description of where we are up to and what we are currently dealing with in the pandemic.
Matthew Ruby and Tani Khara on the power and status of plant-based diets in different cultural contexts.
Sarah O'Reilly on doing behavioural activation with older people during Covid-19.

Behavioural activation is usually used to help people who have stopped doing rewarding activities due to low mood. What does it look like when people’s activities have been taken away from...

Jared Piazza on psychological barriers to becoming and staying vegan.
Charlotte De Backer with a history of meat consumption, and how a simple choice to eat or not eat meat can complicate our social lives

Breakfast with your mum, lunch with your colleagues, an after-work drink with friends or a late-night dinner with your partner: our days are filled with social occasions that revolve around...

Matthew Cole and Kate Stewart on how society ‘helps’ us to rationalise the exploitation of other animals, giving us a ‘licence to harm’.

Many of us express compassion and concern for other animals alongside complicity in their exploitation. Researchers can examine how the mass media allow us to sustain care towards other...