A festival of community psychology

We mark the Community Psychology Festival with some archive links [now updated for 2019].

The fifth Community Psychology Festival is being held in Brighton on 13-14 September 2019. The theme is 'critical optimism in an age of austerity' [find lots on the topic of austerity in our archive].

Organised by the British Psychological Society’s Community Psychology Section, the Festival is intended to be an accessible alternative to an academic conference, where public participation will be encouraged and supported.

Last year, the organisers said: 'This is an invitation to us all to wholeheartedly join in a celebration that will take us right to the heart of what community psychology is about, both in terms of the core ethos and values of community psychology; but also in terms of how what we will share there will touch our hearts, and move us, or transport us, to new and exciting places in our practices, in our connections and in our lives.

'In line with the key values of community psychology, we wish this festival to take place in the spirit of Ubuntu – ‘I am because we are’. Therefore, we are working to organise a festival that will be an inclusive, accessible and diverse community event and that has at its heart social justice and inclusion. We very much hope that you will want to be part of this.'

To mark the Festival, why not join us on a themed trawl of our archive? 

A report from the 2019 Annual Conference and another

A discussion with Sally Zlotowitz on 'psychology for social change'

A report from the 2017 festival

An interview with Jim Orford

Carolyn Kagan on her work

A renewal of ethics – Mark Burton's award article

Life as a community psychologist supporting brain injured people in rural Wales

One on One with Jacqueline Akhurst

One on One with Roger Ingham

Charting the 'mind and body economic'

The impact of austerity on a British council estate

Neoliberal austerity and unemployment

The Society's Community Psychology Section on austerity

Stephen Joseph takes a look at psychology, social injustice and mental health, from a community psychology perspective

Questioning the science and politics of happiness

Fabian A. Davis on the secret ingredient that enables people to ‘bounce’ back as active citizens

Music and change

Community psychology has been big in Chile

Links with Liberation Psychology in the US and Latin America

Psychosocial support within a global movement – the work of the British Red Cross

Lisa Lim Ah Ken on working with aid organisations

An interview with Angela Southall

Can community psychology meet the needs of refugees?

Rebecca Lawthom conference report

Engaging with the emotional lives of men

Carl Harris spoke at the Psychotherapy Section conference

Community was at the fore in this 'new voices' piece about the ethics of rural practice

A community psychology based approach to dealing with the aftermath of Rwandan rape and genocide

Launch of Psychologists Against Austerity.

Big Picture: The path to participation

Beyond individual therapy - David Harper

Striving for a fairer society - we meet Maggie Peake


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