Happy Valentine's Day!

A themed trawl of the archives.

We dip into the vast and growing Psychologist and Digest archives for love, sex and relationships...

Should we keep playing the game of love?

Male and female flirting behaviour

The broken hearts club… well, best to be prepared…

The age of love – a collaboration between artist and psychologist

"Time is everything. It is how we measure our lives and our loves and our illnesses. It is the ultimate theme." - We meet Matt Haig

Listen to your heart, with Sarah Garfinkel

Teenagers in love – Susan Moore considers the research and what it means for effective parenting.

In 2015, our Research Digest launched its PsychCrunch podcast on dating and attraction

In 2014, Robert Sternberg was 'searching for love'

Is love really so blind? Viren Swami and Adrian Furnham explore positive illusions in romantic relationships

Speed dating as a methodological innovation

The science of attraction

Comparing lesbian and gay, and heterosexual relationships: For love or money?

Should psychologists take lovesickness more seriously?

The psychology of O

Sex in psychological warfare

Orgasm, and more in a sex special

For when it goes horribly wrong… vengefully ever after

…There are also dozens more entries about love, sex and relationships over on our Research Digest blog, including several Valentines specials. In particular, it's worth revisiting this cautionary tale about using psychology to boost your Valentine's Day chances!

Elsewhere, seek out:

Can love really conquer pain?

John Walsh for Mosaic

Why people post ‘couple photos’ as their social media profile pictures

Amanda L. Forest and Kori Krueger for The Conversation

Psychologist on dating: there are no rules of attraction when it comes to meeting your match

Viren Swami for The Conversation

How to turn your emotional baggage into dating success

Viren Swami for The Conversation

What is love? Here’s the science…

Gayle Brewer for The Conversation

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