Language links

An archive collection around the theme of language

Over the years, we've published some fascinating stuff on language: how we speak, write, language and thought, the importance of metaphors etc. Here's a selection of links:

How to talk so people listen - Liz Stokoe at Latitude Festival. See also 'Do women and men talk differently?' and How real people communicate

Weathering the storm – the importance of language in how we talk around Covid

The great baby signing debate

A new kind of language (acquisition)

The dance of dialogue - how people align in conversations

Voice perception

Words that matter for psychology

The content of minds - interview with Asifa Majid, who herself interviewed Daniel Everett here

Child interpreters

Lost and found in translation

Swearing - the language of life and death

Metaphors of mind

Browse our archive for insight into the process and importance of writing

You can also find lots of research around language on our Research Digest

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