Life advice

Top hacks and life advice from our articles and interviews.

Over the years, psychologists in our pages have provided lots of tips and advice based on their psychological expertise. In this collection we bring you the best articles and interviews that feature practical life advice.

‘It’s about editing our lives so that they make sense again’
Our Editor Jon Sutton meets Matt Haig, who talks about his books on mental health, which have been described as life saving.

‘Have a clear plan to make a change’
One of our evidence-based tips from The Psychologist Guide to… Healthy Living, written by journalist Ella Rhodes. All of our practical Guides can be found here.

‘No matter where you go, any element of nature can create positive feelings’
Lesley Thoms on the role of ecopsychology in improving wellbeing.

Take a daily short, cold shower to protect against illness and increase energy levels
Alex Fradera for the Research Digest.

Maintain good behaviours by thinking about achieving a goal as ‘arriving at a destination’, instead of ‘completing a journey’
Research Digest writer Emma Young summarises research on why metaphors matter.

‘Avoid “binge vacationing” – taking only one long holiday per year. Vacation benefits wash out fast’
Jessica de Bloom tells us how to make the most of our vacations. 

‘Follow your passion – not what’s currently in fashion’
One on one with Jane Ussher.

‘Reconnect to the simple everyday pleasures and enjoy them again’
Barney Dunn on our PsychCrunch podcast episode on mindfulness. All of our podcast episodes provide practical advice, see them here.

Keep a dream diary to boost your creativity
Alex Fradera for the Research Digest.

'Achieving an extraordinary life means kicking avoidance'
Jennifer Wild tells us about her book 'Be Extraordinary', including recommendations for actions towards becoming extraordinary. 

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