Jon Sutton interviews Lucy Yardley (University of Southampton) about falls, health interventions, prosopagnosia, and more

Ian Florance talks to Angel Chater about her love affair with health psychology

Professor of Health and Community Psychology at the University of Southampton, and Director of the Centre for Sexual Health Research

 Alyssa Gilinsky reflects on being a newly qualified health psychologist

Abi Millar talks to Frank Bond about occupational health psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, and more

Matthew Price and Trevor Humby on the mutual benefits of giving undergraduates more opportunity to contribute to research

Professor of Psychology at University College London. Includes web-only answers.

Ian Florance talks to Michal Kosinski about business, technology and the dangers of an ignorance of modern psychology

Peter Dillon-Hooper (Manager of the Society’s History of Psychology Centre) talks to Geoff Bunn about writing and presenting a history of the brain on Radio 4

Honorary Lecturer, University of Sheffield; includes online-only extras

Penny Lenihan, Christina Richards and Felicity Adams talk about their work.

Jon Sutton interviews Howard Friedman (HF) and Leslie Martin (LM), authors of The Longevity Project, about lessons in living a long life

Ian Florance summarises the advice from Dorothy Miell and Darren Van Laar

University College London, Psychology and Language Sciences; Spearman Medal winner 2011. Includes web-only answers.

Ian Florance seeks advice for undergraduates from Dorothy Miell and Darren Van Laar

Alex Fradera, editor of the Society’s new Occupational Digest (see www.occdigest.org.uk), talks to Jim McKechnie

OBE, Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Winston’s Wish

Victor Thompson talks about working in sports and clinical psychology

Lance Workman talks to Alex Haslam, about glass cliffs, Zimbardo, higher education and more.

...with Ben (C) Fletcher, Head of the School of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire

Hilary Clarke, a health psychologist with the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation, issues a rallying call

Catherine Campbell (Professor of Social Psychology at the London School of Economics) talks with psychologist, feminist, activist and film-maker Janice Haaken about the challenges facing the domestic violence movement

Centre for the Study of Animal Well Being, Washington State University; includes online-only extras

Ian Florance talks to Daniel Müllensiefen and Sarah Carter from advertising agency DDB