Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan

Including an interview with Dame Joan Harbison; featured job; Getting that assistant psychologist post; and mentoring schemes

Clinical psychologist and writer.

Ian Florance talks to Gesthimani (Manya) Merodoulaki about her views on the role and practice of counselling psychology

With Ray Bull, Professor of Forensic Psychology at the University of Leicester

Ian Florance talks to Claudia Hammond about how she has put her background in academic psychology to good use in her broadcasting career

Ian Florance talks to Peter Spencer about yoga, chronic fatigue and more

Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Plymouth

Ian Florance talks to Iya Whiteley, a Human Factors Consultant at SEA Group Ltd

Daniel Everett has spent his career in the Amazon, challenging some fundamental ideas about language and thought. Asifa Majid and Jon Sutton pose the questions

Craig Ward on his move from a psychology degree into the law

Carol Tavris American social psychologist and author

Ian Florance talks to Charles Bethell-Fox, Deputy Managing Director of Personnel Decisions International (UK)

Adam Danquah had personal and professional reasons for working as a clinical psychologist in Ghana. Splitting his practice between the UK and Ghana has given him insights into the role of psychology in two very different societies.

Patrick Devine-Wright talks to Jon Sutton about crossing disciplinary boundaries in order to tackle issues of sustainability

Director of the Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Change, the National Research Council, Washington DC

Ian Florance talks to Funké Baffour about a varied career and her work to communicate psychology to a wide audience

Elizabeth Richards Moir describes the multifaceted and fascinating role of an educational psychologist in Bahrain
Ian Florance talks to Brad Martin about clinical practice, and his use of imaging rescripting therapy
Ben Williams (a Chartered Psychologist who works as a strategic adviser and executive coach) with a timely review of some of the effects of redundancy, and how to react to it
David Moore with some advice on postgraduate life

Anniversary Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies, Birkbeck, University of London. Includes online only questions

Andrew Manley and Jason Codner outline postgraduate training issues you should consider when choosing between applied practice and academia