Chris Scott, Chair of the Society’s Scottish Division of Educational Psychology (SDEP), draws on his career path and present job to illuminate some issues facing educational psychology in Scotland, and talks about the SDEP’s activities

Lance Workman talks to Alice Eagly about the evolution of the psychology of gender.

…with Steven Pinker Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, USA.

Including featured jobs and career opportunities

Professor Stephen Palmer and Dr Alison Whybrow introduce a growing area of psychological practice and theory and Coaching psychologists apply psychologically grounded techniques to business and...

Neuropsychologist Andy Young and psychiatrist Karel de Pauw take Lance Workman through a disturbing condition – Capgras delusion. Plus listen to a separate interview with Andy Young, from 2013.

Siobhan Hugh-Jones (University of Leeds) investigates

The new jobs section of The Psychologist, including the Society Division Chairs on the future of applied psychology, and the full version (in HTML) of David Carew's piece on the Department of Work and Pensions.

Rachel Cooper, Kate Gendle, Cheryl Mould and Claire Ackroyd describe their work

When you think of a mental health worker, what image comes to mind? As a group of psychology staff working in an Assertive Outreach Team (AOT) we challenge the stereotype
of the traditional...

Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, and Aarhus Research Foundation Professor at the University of Aarhus

Nigel Hunt interviews Airi Hautamaki about life as a psychologist in Finland and her work on attachment

Pam Maras with an important update on statutory regulation

This is my eighth column as President; ninth if you count that I’ve written it twice! In my first effort I focused on all of the exciting new developments the Boards are considering, including...

Moira Coates on her life as a work psychologist for Jobcentre Plus.

I am an occupational psychologist employed by Jobcentre Plus, part of the Department for Work and Pensions, in the South East of England. The Department is the largest employer of occupational...

In this interview from 2007, four young psychometricians talk to Professor James Flynn.

Richard Kwiatkowski interviews Peter Saville

Misdiagnosed as having ‘chronic depression’ by the psychiatric establishment; he almost died while having ECT. Described by the Financial Times as one of the ‘rebels’ in a boardroom battle, he...

Nigel Hunt interviews Ian Robbins about famine, war, and Cagney and Lacey

From the front line
IT has been a long and winding road for Ian Robbins, taking the scenic route from psychiatric nurse to consultant clinical psychologist via famine relief work in Uganda,...

The Society’s new President in discussion with the Chief Executive. How do their roles work together, and where do they see the Society going?

Carol A. Ireland looks beyond the TV and media portrayals at a difficult but rewarding career

Jon Sutton talks to Tanya Byron about her TV work, disseminating psychology on a mass scale.

Dr Tanya Byron qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1992. She has worked in HIV and drug dependency, and more recently in a consultant post in an adolescent unit. She now combines one day a...

Jon Sutton interviews Professor Susan Greenfield.

You once said ‘I studied classics at school, psychology as an undergraduate, and only switched to science as a postdoc’ [see tinyurl.com/9pum2]. A slip of the tongue, or is psychology an art?...

Louise T. Higgins (University College Chester) interviews Professor Zheng Richang (Beijing Normal University).

Rowan Bayne (University of East London) hears of an extraordinary life in psychology.

Professor Grygier’s life has been an amazing journey – a journey that has taken him through Poland, Russia, Iran, England, France, Germany, USA and China, and finally to Canada, where, at the age...

Tom Stafford (University of Sheffield) meets renowned neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran.

In person, Professor Vilayanur Ramachandran has the same energy and charisma that made his 2003 Reith Lectures so popular. Originally trained as a doctor, he came to neuroscience via neurology....

Cedric E. Ginestet talked to Professor Hein de Vries of the Maastricht Health Research Institute for Prevention and Care about international collaboration on smoking prevention.

Julian Boon’s work with the police has been the subject of a Channel 4 series. Jon Sutton met him to discuss his approach to offender profiling.

How accurately do you think you and your profiling techniques were portrayed in The Real Cracker – was that ‘The Real Boon’? The ‘Boon personality’ was deliberately de-emphasised, mostly because...

Jon Sutton met Tim Radford, Science Editor for The Guardian.

What do you find newsworthy about psychology? Psychology and journalism are natural bedfellows, because psychologists seem to need publicity in a way that solid-state physicists don’t. We are the...