‘Try to be fearless', advises the Chair of the British Psychological Society's Division of Counselling Psychology.
Clinical Psychologist at Acorn Park School.
Ian Florance talks with the Society’s Practitioner of the Year Jill Winegardner, about her journeys working in brain injury rehabilitation.
Helen Owen attempts to plot a route onto an applied doctorate.
Hollie Richardson on volunteering as an e-mail counsellor for ChildLine.
A conversation between Alice Farrington and her father, David P. Farrington.
One on one… with Carl Senior.
Peter Hobson (Emeritus Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at University College London) reflects on a lifetime’s work in autism and child development.
Thomas Hoare on his voluntary work in Nigeria.
Judith Rich Harris takes Lance Workman through her extraordinary fightback against entrenched views of child development.
One on one… with Lucy Johnstone
We hear about a programme to encourage resilience and wellbeing in young people.
Ian Florance meets Naomi Hynd.
Lucia Giombini outlines her work and thinking around anorexia.
Kirk Strosahl talks to Kal Kseib about acceptance and commitment therapy.
Tracey Herlihey on the importance of persistence and networking in finding that ‘dream job'.
Ian Florance talks to educational psychologist Irvine Gersch.
Asifa Majid talks to Jon Sutton about language and thought.
‘Feistiness in the face of a challenge’
We spoke to Professor Linda Clare to mark Dementia Awareness Week.
Director of Mental Health for the independent think tank CentreForum.
Caroline Limbert (Cardiff Metropolitan University) on the first overseas Health Psychology MSc to be accredited by the Society, and what the experience has done for her own career and that of the graduates.
Ian Florance meets Cordelia Galgut to discuss how diagnosis and treatment has affected her work as a counselling psychologist.
‘I pull on my trainers and go for a run’