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‘Feistiness in the face of a challenge’
We spoke to Professor Linda Clare to mark Dementia Awareness Week.
Director of Mental Health for the independent think tank CentreForum.
Caroline Limbert (Cardiff Metropolitan University) on the first overseas Health Psychology MSc to be accredited by the Society, and what the experience has done for her own career and that of the graduates.
Ian Florance meets Cordelia Galgut to discuss how diagnosis and treatment has affected her work as a counselling psychologist.
‘I pull on my trainers and go for a run’
Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology in the Department of Applied Psychology, Cardiff Metropolitan University.
‘We can still choose how to respond: how to fight against creation’.
Nadine Mirza, MPhil student, University of Manchester.
Liz Hollis, freelance journalist and media consultant specialising in psychology.
How do those on the fringes of psychology view our profession? Ian Florance meets Michèle Down.
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Naoimh Fox writes about the effect of a hearing impairment on her work and aspirations.
Shalini Raman reflects on some valuable professional and personal experience.
‘Be patient, keep an open mind'
Behavioural Insights Research Advisor at Public Health England; now with March 2019 update.
Dean Burnett ponders how he writes about psychology and neuroscience for a wide audience, and shares an extract from his new book 'The Idiot Brain'.
Society representative on the Law Commission report on fitness to plead tests.
‘We all work for a common purpose’
Ian Florance talks to Elizabeth Peel (University of Worcester).
'Don't hug the intellectual shoreline'