‘We have to take risks, fall over sometimes'
Captain Duncan Precious gives his personal reflections on a unique role (found through The Psychologist!)
Ian Florance talks to Fiona Price about putting a background in psychology to use in diverse settings
Daryl O’Connor talks to Gail Kinman about being a twin, stress and health, and the influence of conscientiousness
Science journalist Wendy Barnaby talks to some of our authors.
Walter Mischel speaks to Lance Workman about his famous ‘Marshmallow Test’ and more
Victoria Bourne (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Emeritus Professor at the University of Birmingham. Includes online-only answers.
It’s the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology. We hear from some of its members.
‘I’m optimistic, some might say idealistic’
we meet community psychologist Jim Orford; Rob Rooksby on his collision of American football and psychology; and Heather Tinkler describes her work as a Clinical Studies Officer for an NHS Foundation Trust
The politician talks to Ian Bushnell (Chair of the Division of Occupational Psychology) about hubris syndrome and his work with the Daedalus Trust
‘Stories of forgiveness are inspiring to me’ (includes online extras)
Editor Jon Sutton meets a creative, interpersonal, social scientist to talk about autism, DSM-5, women in science, and more
John Williams on being a parent of ‘The Boy’ with autism
We meet Stella Acquarone as part of our autism special issue; Aidan Horner on his ‘negative CV’; and Nick Hatton on an unusual PhD setting

‘Occasionally follow a hunch…’

Sue Blackmore gives a personal account of how hallucinogens have influenced her career; and we pass on some advice for first-year undergraduates as they begin their journey in psychology

We hear from a researcher, participant and clinician on the use of psilocybin to alleviate cancer anxiety

'… to sit in an arbour, shaded from the sun'. Includes online only answers.

we talk to Roberto Forzoni about mindsets, music and magic; and Bronagh Hannon looks for light at the end of the tunnel in her arduous quest to become a clinical psychologist

Diane Halpern tells Lance Workman about her efforts to improve work–life balance and increase creativity

with Ian Parker, Fellow of the Society, practising psychoanalyst in Manchester and Professor of Management, University of Leicester. With online-only q+a.

the importance of positive risk taking and dignity of failure, with Steven Sharman; and we talk to Andy Evans about his work with performers

Ellen Ernst Kossek is President of the Work Family Researchers Network. Gail Kinman and Almuth McDowall ask the questions.