...with Ben (C) Fletcher, Head of the School of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire

Hilary Clarke, a health psychologist with the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation, issues a rallying call

Catherine Campbell (Professor of Social Psychology at the London School of Economics) talks with psychologist, feminist, activist and film-maker Janice Haaken about the challenges facing the domestic violence movement

Centre for the Study of Animal Well Being, Washington State University; includes online-only extras

Ian Florance talks to Daniel Müllensiefen and Sarah Carter from advertising agency DDB

Christian Jarrett fires some questions at David Halpern, a psychology graduate working in the corridors of power as Director of Research at the Institute for Government

Kirsty Golden (Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust) gives a personal overview of the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner role

Clinical Psychologist, University of Manchester. Includes web-only answers.

Ian Florance talks to Jamie Durrance about her work at Rowan House

Alan Baddeley talks to Lance Workman about Bertrand Russell, Neanderthals and working memory

Ian Florance talks to Paul Webley about his role as Director and Principal of the School of Oriental and African Studies

Ian Florance talks to Deb Viney about unusual routes into psychology

Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool. Includes lots of web-only answers.

Jillian Sullivan, PhD student at the Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge

Rehabilitation Services Group, National Offender Management Service. Includes web-only answers.

Ian Florance meets Jake Farr and talks music and creativity

Critical health psychologist Kerry Chamberlain (Massey University, New Zealand) talks to Lance Workman about the academic evolution of his career

Michelle Kendel, a second-year undergraduate at the University of Reading, spoke to The Psychologist about how her background has influenced her interests.

Educational psychologist and independent practitioner, Honorary Life Member and Past President

Clare O’Loghlen and her twin sister Maeve O’Loghlen on alternative routes from shared origins

Sarah Marzillier in conversation with her father John Marzillier

Carly Amber talks to Jonathan Mason, clinical psychologist with the Queensland Government, Australia

Professor of Psychology at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. Includes online-only answers.

John Leach works as a psychologist but came to professional practice late in life and his very specialist interests have led to a move to Norway

Jon Sutton talks to clinical neuropsychologist and poet Seán Haldane