Graham Powell (Chair of the Psychologist Policy Committee) met Barry Brooking to discuss his role as the Society’s first Chief Executive.

Was there a scary monster under your bed? Did you have an imaginary friend when you were growing up? Angus Smyth spoke to Alison Bourchier about children’s understanding of pretence and reality.

‘As a child I had an imaginary friend,’ Alison told me, ‘and I remember being completely terrified of the scary monsters I imagined were hiding beneath my bed.’ Common occurrences for many...

Natalie Cook (now a third-year on the Oxford Clinical Doctoral Course) looks back at the start of her training.

27 September One day to go. Am beginning to wish I was on a course which organises for first-years to meet, or tells you a bit about them, or at least gives you their names.
What if everyone...

John Sheppard interviews Tommy MacKay, the Society’s new President, on his life, the year ahead and the joys of (slight) eccentricity.

THE Society had to change, but now it needs a period of stability,’ says the incoming President, Tommy MacKay. ‘It could not expect to stay as it was, with all the world evolving around it. The...

Sue Cavill talked to Saths Cooper, former President of the
Psychological Society of South Africa, about changes in how
psychologists are organising.

Dr Saths Cooper spent most of the 1970s in prison. In the 1990s, he has been President of the Psychological Society of South Africa, and holds many other influential positions in psychology and...

Tommy MacKay recorded what may have been the last
interview with Boris Semeonoff; on the first anniversary of his death, we publish part of that interview here.

ONE Saturday in February 1998, I sat on the early Glasgow to London flight. As breakfast arrived, the person next to me began some light conversation. ‘Where are you off to?’ she asked. ‘I’m going...

John Sheppard interviews Bob Burden, Professor of Applied Educational Psychology at Exeter University.

ARE prophets honoured in their own countries? Undoubtedly they can be, but it is only when abroad that one truly appreciates the wider perspective.
I felt this particularly in Melbourne in...

Louise Acker on her experiences of the Society’s Undergraduate Research Assistantship scheme
Peter Storr reminds us that we are in charge of our careers
Clinical Studies Officers (CSOs) working within Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust for the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) describe one route to acquiring valuable research skills