In interviews for our website, Dr Kal Kseib has met some of the founders of modern psychotherapy approaches. Here, he reflects on what he has learnt.
Our editor Jon Sutton meets Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Jenny Taylor.
Erica Crompton in conversation with Anjali Singh-Mitter, on coping with bereavement.
Ella Rhodes speaks to Dr Frances Maratos.
Ian Florance interviews Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Founder/ Director of SDS Seminars.

During the last 30 years Paul Grantham’s company, SDS Seminars Ltd, has been involved in training over 150,000 mental health professionals. In Paul’s own words, ‘over that period, everything...

Susan Cousins works in equality, diversity and inclusion at Cardiff University, and is the author of Overcoming Everyday Racism: Building Resilience and Wellbeing in the Face of Discrimination and Microaggressions (Jessica Kingsley Publishers). Annie Brookman-Byrne asked Susan about her book.
Michael Smith meets Brian Hughes to hear about his new book on The Psychology of Brexit.
Kate Johnstone speaks to Dr Evangelia Chrysikou, one of the few architects in the world holding a PhD in ‘healthcare architecture’
Ernesto Spinelli, a winner of the Society’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to Practice, on what it’s like to be an existential therapist.
Our editor Jon Sutton hears from Peter Spink about a ‘Public Action Languages Approach’ to moving ‘Beyond Public Policy’.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Asweeni Jansdin Raj, an Assistant Psychologist at The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.
We fire some 'Why?…' questions at Dean Burnett, on release day for his new audiobook 'Psycho-Logical'.
Dr Janet Bultitude is Director of Public Engagement for the University of Bath’s Psychology department. She recently won the Leadership Award at the university’s Public Engagement Awards. As told to Ella Rhodes.
David Frayne, author of The Work Cure, talks to our Associate Editor Emily Hutchinson.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Sidney Irvine, former Professor of Differential Psychology, University of Plymouth, and consultant. sidneyirvine.co.uk Includes online extras.
Ian Florance talked to Yvette Bates about her role as Senior Forensic Psychologist at HMP Dovegate, which is run by Serco on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.
For two decades Professor Becky Milne (University of Portsmouth) has worked to improve police interviewing of witnesses in the midst of crises. Ella Rhodes met her.
Ian Florance meets Holly Price, who is finishing her Forensic Psychology MSc and looking for Assistant Psychologist roles
Stephen McAllister looks back on a police career focused on mental health and change management
Ahead of World Alzheimer’s Day on 21 September, music therapist Grace Meadows speaks to Ella Rhodes about her work with the Utley Foundation’s Music for Dementia 2020 campaign, which is aiming to give all people living with the condition better access to music.
The Feeling of Life Itself, by Christof Koch, is out now, published by The MIT Press. We asked him some big questions.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Dr Michelle Hamill, consultant clinical psychologist at East London NHS Foundation Trust. With online extras.
Psychology, psychotherapy and culture in Ukraine: an interview with two clinicians.
Four very different Assistant Psychologists find a common thread through peer supervision – the inspirational power of people’s stories, and working in a way that allows them to be shared.
Kal Kseib meets Dr Peter Levine, the founder of the ‘Somatic Experiencing’ approach to trauma.