Psychologist Bernie Graham on his involvement in new BBC documentary My Family, The Holocaust and Me, and why he thinks such stories are particularly important now. Our editor Jon Sutton asks the questions.
Tomasz Witkowski meets Brian Nosek, in an edited extract from Tomasz's new book of interviews.
We hear again from Dr Rowena Hill, embedded scientist with the cross-governmental C19 Foresight Group.
'Dick Johnson is Dead' is a Netflix original; filmed, produced and directed by Kirsten Johnson, about her Dad's dementia. Our editor Jon Sutton asked her about it.
We meet Dr Shelley McKeown Jones, Associate Professor in Social Psychology at the University of Bristol and the current Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Social Psychology Section.
Your Anxiety Beast and You: A Compassionate Guide to Living in an Increasingly Anxious World (Exisle Publishing) by Dr Eric Goodman is out now. Deputy Editor Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne asked him about the book.
Ian Florance meets Christian van Nieuwerburgh, who is, amongst other roles, Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology at the University of East London.
We dip into the Society member database and pick out… Dr Richard Skelton, a Child and Educational Psychologist at ‘The Educational Psychologists’. With online extras.
Joan Idowu on her experiences as an Assistant Psychologist in a newly developed service for offenders accessing mental health support as an alternative to a custodial sentence.
Lisa Frending on converting to Psychology following an undergraduate degree in Global Health and Biomedicine.
Nazanin Derakhshan is a Professor of Experimental Psychopathology at Birkbeck, University of London and founder of the Birkbeck Integrative Centre for Building Resilience in Breast Cancer. Delia Ciobotaru met her.
Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh on psychology’s role in tackling climate change. As told to Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne.
Jenny Boyd’s autobiography – Jennifer Juniper: A journey beyond the muse – checks in at some of the best-known events and places of the 1960s and 1970s, including inspiring Donovan and travelling with The Beatles, before going ‘back to school’. Ian Florance heard from her on how studying psychology can inform and change lives.
Dr Camilla Rosan and Patrick Myers both support parents in reducing conflict and improving outcomes for children. Here they interview each other on the context of their work, their aims for the future, and the challenges in reducing inter-parental conflict.
We dip into the Society member database and pick out…Taide Riley-Hunte, who is a Senior Assistant Psychologist at Riley-Hunte’s Psychological Consultancy (RHPC).
Chris Moulin and Celine Souchay on a professional and personal marriage.
The new book Rapport, by Emily Alison and Laurence Alison, offers ‘The four ways to read people’. Jon Sutton asked them about it.
Living with diabetes can lead to a multitude of psychological challenges – Dr Rose Stewart, Principal Clinical Psychologist for Wrexham Young Adult Diabetes Service, told Ella Rhodes her expertise in this under-represented area was of particular importance in times of Covid-19.
Dr Tosin Bowen-Wright (Clinical Psychologist and a manager within the Camden CAMHS service) in conversation with Paul Jenkins (Chief Executive of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust).
We hear from Nasreen Fazal-Short, Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce; and from Sarb Bajwa, Chief Executive.
Dr Robina Shah – consultant applied psychologist, expert in psychosocial medicine, and former High Sheriff of Greater Manchester – talked to Ella Rhodes about her work, life and values.
Ian Florance meets Rob Hutton, who is involved in the British Psychological Society’s Psychological Government Programme. They also discuss, among other things, the overlapping applications of human factors/ergonomics and psychology.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Maria Qureshi, who is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire Doctorate in Clinical Psych programme and Clinical Psychologist in West London NHS Trust.
Dr Rosie Jones considers peaceful protests, the law and the Health and Care Professions Council: what are the lessons for psychologists? Questions from Dr Roger Paxton, Chair of the British Psychological Society's Ethics Committee.
Georgia Dunning with her personal reflections on an undergraduate professional placement in a Clinical Neuropsychology Service.