One on one… with Peter Dillon-Hooper, who this month retires from the BPS and his post as Assistant Editor of The Psychologist after more than 20 years of service.
Jon Sutton meets Sarah Garfinkel at the annual conference of the Psychobiology Section.
Ian Florance hears from Tony Page – self-employed Chartered Psychologist and author – about our ‘mistaken craving for freedom’.
Thea Fitch talks to Ian Florance about her move from homelessness and eating disorders to becoming a psychologist working at the Recovery and Wellbeing College.

Thea tells us: ‘When we facilitate courses and workshops we always have two trainers in the room: one offers lived experience, the other is a clinician. I’ve moved from one role to, in a sense...

Malcolm MacLachlan is Director of the ALL (Assisting Living and Learning) Institute and Professor of Psychology and Social Inclusion at Maynooth University.
Tony Beech, co-editor of The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience, tells us how the book grew in the making.
Associate Professor and Practitioner Health Psychologist Dr Harbinder Sandhu (Warwick Clinical Trials Unit, University of Warwick) is leading a large trial of an intervention that aims to help people with chronic pain taper their opioid use.
Ella Rhodes speaks to Dominic Willmott, whose research on the role of inaccurate beliefs about rape has caught the attention of policy makers.
We meet Hilde and Ylva Østby, to hear about their 'Adventures in Memory', and run an exclusive chapter from the book.
Rebecca Fellows is an Assistant Psychologist in a busy and expanding Infant Mental Health Service in Leeds.
Ella Rhodes meets the health psychologist and Trustee of Haemochromatosis UK.
Liz Bates on the role of psychology in teaching.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. (Frederick Douglass – escaped slave, orator and social reformer 1818–1895)

Ian Florance meets Dr Alistair Teager from Salford Royal Hospital.

Dr Alistair Teager is a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at Salford Royal Hospital, working in one of the UK’s largest neuropsychology departments. We talked over the phone, and I could...

Sangeetha Rajan on her journey and her work with The Arts Quotient.
Kate Johnstone, Associate Editor for Culture, reviews 'Magic Medicine' and interviews the director Monty Wates.
Consultant Psychologist at eras ltd and author of 'I Think I’ll Manage' and, with Pat Nevin, 'In Ma Head, Son'.
Samantha Blackburn on her role as a volunteer parkrun mental health ambassador.
Martin Andrew on working with marginalised young people.
Laura Lea with a day in the life of a service-user involvement coordinator.
Kal Kseib meets Professor Leslie Greenberg – Founder of Emotion-focused Therapy.
Visiting Professor of Mental Health, and Senior Research Affiliate in the Centre for Medical Humanities, Oxford Brookes University
We meet Lily Bernheimer – environmental psychology consultant, researcher and writer – and run a chapter from her new book.
Our editor Jon Sutton chats to Josep Call, Professor in Evolutionary Origins of Mind at the University of St Andrews.
Erica McInnis talks to Ian Florance about African psychology and her career.