‘Dance psychologist’ Peter Lovatt (University of Hertfordshire) talks to Gail Kinman

we talk to Richard Bidder about his work for occupational psychology consultancy Catalyst; and Christopher Hunt tells us about volunteering in Sri Lanka

Christina Salmivalli (University of Turku, Finland) talks to Jon Sutton about her new approach to an age-old issue

The H.L. Carr Chaired Professor of Developmental Psychology, Cornell University

Reader in Cognitive Science and Research Lead for Psychology at De Montfort University

Ian Florance talks to Claire Halsey, Chartered Psychologist, author and broadcaster, about camels, writing and more; Mike Bender tells us about 'self-publishing without illusions'; and Edward Howard describes his journey to becoming an assistant psychologist

Our editor Jon Sutton spoke to cognitive neuroscientist and ‘master of illusion’ Henrik Ehrsson at last year’s European Congress of Psychology in Stockholm

Senior Lecturer at Brunel University. Includes online only answers.

Ian Florance interviews Jackie Abell, a Reader in Psychology at Coventry University and Director of Research for the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust, based in Livingstone, Zambia, about taking social psychology into the lion's den.

Marinus van IJzendoorn met Jon Sutton at the European Congress of Psychology and talked about his research on differential susceptibility in child development


Ian Florance interviews Miles Thomas about his varied career and what brought him to educational psychology

Health psychologist and Senior Lecturer at the School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences, Loughborough University

Alana James reports from a ‘Getting Published and Planning Your Career’ workshop

Chris French tells Lance Workman about his journey into weird stuff

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bath

Louise Blackmore reflects on the past 15 years of dealing with a unique geographical challenge; Matthew Fish talks about his experiences as a youth worker; and Isabelle Butcher reflects on the value of the third-year placement in her degree course

Uta Frith takes Lance Workman on a journey through her collection of memories

Richard Byrne tells Lance Workman about his work with apes and elephants

Fellow of the Society for her work on the dissemination of psychological knowledge, and a former Editor of The Psychologist

We talk to Peter Mitchell about teaching psychology in Malaysia; and to Lucy Standing on the working options for occupational psychologists, and on her role as a social entrepreneur

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, Keele University, and winner of the Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Ian Florance talks to Dr Rhonda Cohen, Head of the London Sport Institute at Middlesex University

Catriona Morrison (University of Leeds) talks to mnemonists and those in the field as she considers whether it’s a blessing or curse

Clinical psychologist and novelist

Ian Florance talks psychometrics, economics and the relational company with Roy Childs; and Jessica Deol outlines her role as an assistant psychologist at the Walton Centre and presents a typical case