A mind-altering trip through the archives

A collection of articles on the effects of legal and illegal substance use.

We've trawled through our archive to find the best articles in The Psychologist and in the Research Digest on psychology and drugs...

A brave new world for psychology?
David Nutt introduces a special issue considering the use of hallucinogens in research and therapy…

‘Everyone has something to add to this conversation’
Personal perspectives introduce a special issue on alcohol use…

Room for improvement?
Gillian Shorter on 'drug consumption rooms'

Opium and the people
Joanna Moncrieff examines the socio-economic history of psychoactive drug use

High time
Ruth Ogden and Catharine Montgomery on the effect of drugs on the perception of time

Drug taking – for better or for worse?
Andy Parrott looks at the paradox of psychosocial drug taking self-medication that can make you feel worse

Busting myths about drugs
We extract some myths from Suzi Gage’s book ‘Say Why to Drugs'

‘It’s an exciting time to be researching and writing about drugs’
Suzi Gage answers questions about her book 'Say Why to Drugs'

You can teach an old dog new tricks
Jenny Svanberg with an exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Addiction'

Addiction and the importance of belonging
Genevieve Dingle takes a social identity route in and out of substance use

Rethinking addiction
Nick Heather challenges the brain disease model

Let’s confront the challenge of addiction together’
Caomhán McGlinchey with a personal take on problematic drinking and his route out of it

The results do the talking
Kate Johnstone reviews 'Magic Medicine' and interviews the director Monty Wates 

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?
Lynne Dawkins explores the role of nicotine and non-nicotine contributions to smoking and considers a promising new device for kicking the habit

Can't take my eyes off of you
Matt Field on attentional bias in addiction and anxiety disorders 

Beating the odds of addiction
Dana Smith on opiate use

The pros and cons of caffeine
Can caffeine actually keep you fit and healthy into old age? Rebecca Thompson and Karen Keene investigate

Sorted: Ecstasy facts and fiction
Jon Cole, Harry Sumnall and Charles Grob argue that the long-term effects of Ecstasy use are far from clear, and that psychologists are muddying the waters. With peer commentaries from Michael Morgan, Rodney Croft, and Andy Parrott.


Plus find loads of digested studies on this topic on our Research Digest…

“Lack of scientific proof” that microdosing psychedelic drugs improves wellbeing or creativity – Emma Young

This diary study suggests it’s probably not a good idea to use cannabis to help you sleep – Matthew Warren

Study finds microdosing psychedelics can be beneficial, but not in the way that users most expect – Christian Jarrett

“Skunk” cannabis disrupts brain networks – but effects are blocked in other strains – Matthew Warren

Massive comparison of narrative accounts finds ketamine trips are remarkably similar to Near Death Experiences (NDEs), supporting the neurochemical model of NDEs – Christian Jarrett 

Drinking alcohol focuses our attention on the external features of faces, with implications for eyewitness memory – Emily Reynolds

Amsterdam coffee-shop study explores the effects of cannabis on eye-witness memory – Christian Jarrett

Psilocybin (from magic mushrooms) plus meditation and spiritual training leads to lasting changes in positive traits – Emma Young

Neural changes after taking psychedelic drugs may reflect “heightened consciousness” – Emma Young

Academically successful children smoke more cannabis as teenagers: is it time to rethink drug education programmes? – Simon Oxenham

New findings explain why, if you’re sensitive to alcohol, you’re probably sensitive to sleep deprivation too – Julia Gottwald

Moderate alcohol consumption improves foreign language skills – Emma Young

Caffeine causes widespread brain entropy (and that’s a good thing) – Christian Jarrett

Coffee cravings can play havoc with your memory – Christian Jarrett

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