Dr Kirsty Miller – a clarification

The British Psychological Society responds, November 2020.

Following further correspondence with Dr Kirsty Miller, we would like to take this opportunity to add further clarity to our previous comments.

We were responding rapidly during a period when we and the society were receiving a high volume of communications from concerned parties. When Jon wrote of receiving feedback that ‘The Psychologist was providing a platform, the oxygen of publicity for racism’, it is demonstrably the case that such feedback was received. However, it was not our role or intention to imply that Dr Miller’s letter contained racist and bigoted beliefs, and we’re sorry if that was not clear.

Our membership, and the wider psychology community, consists of people who hold a wide range of views on sensitive and potentially controversial issues. Achieving a balance where all voices are heard is often hard to achieve. Dr Miller has written elsewhere that she is opposed to the legitimisation of hatred, that she sees the dangers of an ‘us and them’ mentality, and that ultimately she wants to make the world a better place. The British Psychological Society is equally and increasingly committed to such aims, and remains open to engaging with differing opinions and challenging conversations on that journey.

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