A tribute from her husband, Nigel Roberts.
A tribute from Deborah Page.
A tribute from Dr Nicolas Priestley.
A tribute from Dominic Abrams and Diane Houston.
A tribute from Diana Harcourt, Amy Slater and Chris Pawson.
David Clark, Paul Salkovskis and Roz Shafran with a tribute.
A tribute to the British Psychological Society Fellow from two of his former students and friends, Dr Iain McCormick and Professor Richard Siegert.
A tribute from his wife Sharon, daughter Jacqueline and son, James.
An appreciation from John Hall, Penny Spinks, Kevin Howells and Derek Perkins.
A tribute from Dr Rachel Shaw and Professor Richard Tunney (Aston University).
A tribute from her son Keith McAdam.
Mark McDermott (University of East London) with a tribute.
An appreciation by her colleagues and former students of Oxford Brookes University.
A tribute by Dr Wendy Brown.
A tribute from Dr Vanja Orlans.
An appreciation by Emeritus Professor James Thomson, University of Strathclyde.
A tribute from his friends and colleagues.
A tribute from his wife and fellow Psychologist, Denise Johnson.
A tribute from his sons Karl, Neil and Martin.
Sue Leekam writes in loving memory of Margot Prior, researcher, clinician and pioneer in the study of autism and neurodevelopment, who died from Covid-19 on 25 August 2020.
A tribute with contributions from Simon Duff, Lorraine Perry, Nick Wakefield, Lisa Wright, Sara Finlayson and Jenny McCarthy.
Nigel Harvey and Elizabeth Valentine pay tribute to the British Psychological Society President 1969-70, and President of the Experimental Psychology Society 1975-76.