An appreciation of the British Psychological Society Fellow from his daughter, Meredith Gibson.
An appreciation from Dr Tadhg MacIntyre.
An appreciation from Dorothy Bishop.
An appreciation from John Visser.
An appreciation from Liz Doherty and Sally Hodges.
An appreciation from Mark Williams.
Pioneer of psychopharmacology and former editor of the Bulletin of the British Psychological Society.
An appreciation.
An appreciation.
An appreciation of the British Psychological Society's President 2012-2013.
A personal recollection from Professor Mark McDermott, University of East London.
Social Psychology Technician.
An appreciation of the Society’s former President.
An appreciation from Maggie Cormack.
A tribute from his wife and three sons.
An appreciation.
Colleagues with 'a true memory'.
An appreciation from Craig Newnes.
An appreciation from Richard Kwiatkowski, a former Chair of the British Psychological Society's Ethics Committee, of the role she played in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.
An appreciation from his wife Sue.
An appreciation.