An appreciation from Dr Bill Byth.
An appreciation from Adrian Raine and Quentin Summerfield.
An appreciation.
An appreciation from Derek Raffaelli and John McCoy.
An appreciation from his son, in collaboration with his siblings and Professor Ivana Markova.
Helen E. Ross (University of Stirling) remembers the academic and former President of the British Psychological Society.
Remembered by James Hartley and Keele colleagues.
An appreciation from Vic Dulewicz and Clive Fletcher.
An appreciation from his son.
An appreciation from her colleagues.
An appreciation from Professor Michael Thomas.
Colleagues remember him.
An appreciation from David Briggs, Nigel Hopkins and Caroline Lovelock.
A tribute from Katja Windheim and Ann-Marie Catterell.
British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology-Scotland Service User and Carer Representative from 2010-2016.
A tribute from Nicky Elliman, Pauline Jas and Olga van den Akker.
A tribute by Sue Sherman, Mike Burton and Monika McNeill.
Hazel McLaughlin with an appreciation.
An appreciation of the Emeritus Professor from Ulster University.
Professor Helen Haste (University of Bath) with an appreciation.
An appreciation.
Juliet Grayson and Sally Potter with an appreciation.
Neil Frude with an appreciation.
Remembered by his wife Kathleen.
Memories from Dr Heather Hill, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio