A tribute from Greg Maio.
A tribute to the British Psychological Society Fellow from his family.
A tribute to a pioneer for special education.
A tribute from Donald Wetherick and Ken Gilhooly
A tribute from colleagues and friends.
A tribute from the Cambridge Professional Development Group.
A tribute from Professor John L. Taylor.
A tribute from Sarah Hosken.
A tribute from Rab MacIver.
Dr Brian Apter with a memoir of his times with Dr Albert Bandura, who died last July.
Elissa Epel and Elizabeth Ozer with their reflections.
A tribute from her husband, Nigel Roberts.
A tribute from Deborah Page.
A tribute from Dr Nicolas Priestley.
A tribute from Dominic Abrams and Diane Houston.
A tribute from Diana Harcourt, Amy Slater and Chris Pawson.
David Clark, Paul Salkovskis and Roz Shafran with a tribute.
A tribute to the British Psychological Society Fellow from two of his former students and friends, Dr Iain McCormick and Professor Richard Siegert.
A tribute from his wife Sharon, daughter Jacqueline and son, James.
An appreciation from John Hall, Penny Spinks, Kevin Howells and Derek Perkins.
A tribute from Dr Rachel Shaw and Professor Richard Tunney (Aston University).
A tribute from her son Keith McAdam.
Mark McDermott (University of East London) with a tribute.