The Psychologist and Research Digest survey 2018

Your chance to have your say!

Both The Psychologist and Research Digest have developed and grown in recent years, reaching out to ever-growing audiences in print and online. 

Every few years, we seek to survey members of The British Psychological Society to find out how this is being received. It's also a chance to gather your ideas for formats, topics and authors. 

This time, in recognition of our increased online presence, we're calling on Society members but also casting the net more widely via our website and social media. 

Whether you love us, hate us or regard us with consistently mild indifference, we need to hear from you. Only a large and representative sample of our readers can help to shape us over the coming years. And these are exciting times: the increased resource of a full-time Deputy Editor we're recruiting will hopefully keep us pushing on towards our goal of becoming the go-to places for diverse, engaging and informative discussion of psychological theory, research and practice. 

So please click here to complete the survey now. It should take 10-15 minutes, and it will be live until 12 October. Spread the word! 

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Professor Catherine Loveday
Chair, The Psychologist and Digest Editorial Advisory Committee

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