Psychology for students, and graduates

Three flagship events from the British Psychological Society feature several of our past authors.

November and December see a series of events from the British Psychological Society, in Nottingham and London.

Psychology4Students, on 21 November in Nottingham, is intended to give sixth form and first year undergraduate students a glimpse of the exciting world of psychology. The four speakers are:

- Dr Alison Torn with the intriguing 'Bricolage: My career as a quilt maker'

- Phil Banyard on 'the wonder of psychology' (wonder if he's found our non-stick frying pan yet?)

- Dr Thomas Muskett with a personal journey into the heart of critical psychology

- Dr Stephen Gibson with the '50-year mistake' of the Milgram experiments

The London event on 5 December features:

- Professor Elizabeth Stokoe on conversation

- Professor Stephen Reicher on Donald Trump and ISIS

- Dr Ashley Weinberg on the psychology of politicians

- Gustav Kuhn on why magic works

- Dr Catherine Loveday on why music can move us to tears and lure us into love


The following day in London sees the Psychology4Graduates event. Alongside interactive exhibitions and workshops, there will be keynotes from:

- Dr Paul Dawson from the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime

- Our own journalist Ella Rhodes

- Vincent Deary's 'lost and found'

- Paralympian Sophie Carrigill on 'how psychology saved me'


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