Questions of sport

A collection of links to content on sport and psychology from the last three years, from The Psychologist and Research Digest.

Here are some of our articles / interviews from 2017-2019…

‘The World Cup demonstrated what changes when people feel differently’
Pete Olusoga meets Dr Pippa Grange, the sports psychologist with the England men’s football team at the 2018 World Cup

‘There’s an art to sport psychology, never a fixed answer’
Ian Florance meets Hannah Newman

When winners need help
Derek Larkin and colleagues consider mental health in elite sport

The underdog effect
Ciaran O’Keeffe on the appeal, and how things change.

Minds run free
Psychologists, like much of the population, have been bitten by the running bug. What do they get out of it, and does their experience chime with the science? Christian Jarrett and Ella Rhodes investigate.

Also listen to episode 17 of our Research Digest podcast, on how to make running less painful! And remember, even a brief jog sharpens the mind

Trying to tackle a silent problem
Shakiba Oftadeh Moghadam, a PhD Student at the University of Portsmouth, on rugby players’ mental health literacy.

'They know they're human'
Martin Turner and Andrew Wood with a rational approach to performing under pressure, ahead of Saturday's Rugby Union World Cup Final.

The pre-match emotional control strategies of elite table tennis players

A surprising new way to avoid choking under pressure

'With sport, you know how good you are'
Ian Walker talks to Ella Rhodes as he gears up for a World Record attempt. [Spoiler alert: He did it!]

My shelfie… Dr Kitrina Douglas
…former professional golfer and Senior Research Fellow in the Research Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure, Leeds Beckett University.

Fixing problems under the surface
From psychologist and scuba instructor Laura Walton

People performing in exceptional ways
Ian Florance interviews Alan MacPherson, Co-Depute Head of the Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences.

It's coming home…
A football-themed trawl of the archives to mark England's World Cup progress in the summer of 2018.

What happens to fathers' hormone levels when they watch their kids play football?

Trash talking in sport

"That initial fascination was trying to understand the mind and how it was so powerful"
Sophie Carrigill is a Paralympian and co-captain of British Wheelchair Basketball. She is also a psychology graduate, and she spoke at the British Psychological Society's Psychology 4 Graduates event in 2017. Our Assistant to the Managing Editor, Debbie Gordon, was there to ask her a few questions.

Sports coaches with an interest in the brain are particularly prone to neuromyths

The brains of experts
Merim Bilalić considers the cognitive processes behind the neuroscience.

Penalty shootouts – it's not a lottery!
As the England men's football team prepared for the World Cup finals in Russia, Tim Callen offered five pieces of evidence-based advice.

‘Adventure is an important part of being human’
Jon Sutton hears from Eric Brymer about a new book, Phenomenology and the Extreme Sport Experience.

Feeding a thirst for psychology
Dr Josephine Perry has some advice based on an unusual career path.

Seeing red
G. Neil Martin on the impact of a popular shirt colour.

The psychology of fighting

Hate sport? Maybe you have the genes which make exercise awful


This is merely some selected highlights from the past three years… search our archives for much more!

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