The raw truth

Rhys Cadogan watches Huracan.

Cassius Corrigon attempts to delve into the world of trauma and mental health in the psychological thriller Huracan. Corrigon plays the lead role of Alonso Santos, an MMA fighter who is suffering from a mental health disorder.

Cassius portrays Alonso suffering from Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID). Through sessions with Dr Villalobos (played by Yara Martinez), the past of Alonso unravels, and we are taken on a journey and experience the raw truth of the effects of exposure to domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Cassius shows spectacular creativity to capture the consequences of trauma and the impact this has on a individual’s mental wellbeing. The representation of trauma and psychosis relates to a very honest and original point of view that many could relate within their own lives.

The exploration of DID has often been attempted in previous movies but has yet to really capture and understand the disorder in an honest and effective way. Huracan also falls short in doing this. Cassius places a huge focus on violence when considering the story of Alonso, both as an MMA fighter and outside of this. Even with the moment alluding to Dr Villalobos' brother's struggle with the disorder, the flashbacks are all of a violent nature. There is certainly an opportunity missed here to avoid contributing to an already heavily stigmatised condition.

Having said that, the ideas and moments that capture the struggles and complications of living with a mental illness does give an authentic feel to the whole production.

I think it's really important to remember that media can often drive myths and misconceptions of mental health and DID is certainly a victim to this. Whilst this attempt falls way short of a true explanation of DID, it certainly gives us an encouraging opening to better understand what it may be like living with trauma and a mental illness.

- Rhys Cadogan is currently completing a MSc Forensic Psychology and Mental Health at Coventry University, and works in Forensic Psychology Services as a Programmes Facilitator. 

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