We hear from Artist Veronica Rowlands and Clinical Psychologist Dr Thomas Italiano about a new art participation project and exhibition; plus a review from Dani Olliffe.
Martin Milton reports from the British Psychological Society's Division of Counselling Psychology's Annual Conference climate change strand.
The delayed 2020 Olympics has opened in Tokyo with the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing. Ella Rhodes spoke to Health Psychologist Professor Angel Chater, who leads the University of Bedfordshire’s Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research and the Centre for Health, Wellbeing and Behaviour Change about her work with Team GB in helping to keep athletes safe during the games.
Ella Rhodes reports from a BPS webinar on resilience.
A collection of our reports.
Ella Rhodes reports from a discussion at BPS Conference 2021.
Report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.
Ella Rhodes reports from the Political Psychology Section Symposium 'Revealing and concealing in and beyond the pandemic', at BPS Conference 2021.
Ella Rhodes reports from a keynote by Professor Dominic Murphy at BPS Conference 2021.
Ella Rhodes reports from a keynote by Professor Cass Sunstein at BPS Conference 2021.
Ella Rhodes reports from a keynote by Professor Ann Phoenix at BPS Conference 2021.
Jon Sutton reports from a keynote by Professor Carol Ryff at BPS Conference 2021.
Jon Sutton with another report from BPS Conference 2021.
Reports from three keynote presentations in the Student Stream of BPS Conference 2021, beginning with Alice Sims, Deputy Chair, BPS Student Committee, on Dr Amy Orben’s.
Our editor Jon Sutton reports from BPS Conference 2021, with a symposium featuring psychologists who have been a part of the UK pandemic response.
Ella Rhodes and Jon Sutton with some highlights from the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Health Psychology.
A British Psychological Society group has been exploring ways to bring human rights into psychological practice, education and public policy. Ella Rhodes spoke to Dr Derek Indoe, chair of the Ethics Committee Human Rights Steering Group, about some of this work and the group’s plans for the future.
Ella Rhodes reports.
A week of events to mark the milestone at the University of Reading.
Why do so many people refuse to donate their corneas when they die? An exhibition of artworks by psychologist Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris explores the question.
We preview the Wellcome Collection season ‘On Happiness’, and hear from contributors Thomas Dixon, Lynne Segal and Robin Dunbar.
Chrissie Fitch attends ‘CAMHS around the Campfire’ virtual journal club on ‘ADHD in children and young people with autism, and pharmacological treatment’.
Zoe Sanderson (University of Bristol) reports from the EAWOP online conference.
Psychologists involved in arts collaboration.