Consider the British Science Association scheme.
Ella Rhodes reports on mental health services for the military.
Ella Rhodes on the Freedom to Speak Up report, and the British Psychological Society response.
We take a look, and present an extract from a forthcoming article by one of the nominated authors, neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.
LSD brain imaging study meets with crowdfunding success. Ella Rhodes reports.
Psychologists Against Austerity is launched at the House of Lords. Ella Rhodes reports.
Our editor Jon Sutton reports of some new offerings, including our Research Digest PsychCrunch and a Society-funded series.
Ella Rhodes looks ahead to the event.
We offer a themed trawl of the Psychologist and Research Digest archive.
As a journal bans significance testing, Ella Rhodes asks psychologists if it's a step too far.
Chartered Psychologist wins award.
Jon Sutton on a new report from the Campaign for Social Science.
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The formation by the British Army of Brigade 77 has been in the headlines. Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes reports on the Deputy Prime Minister's reception.
University College London psychologists have teamed up with Bupa to launch digital behaviour hub. Eloise Smart reports.
Jon Sutton reports on a new exhibition led by Dr Liza Morton, who then gives her perspective.
A new website led by Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore.
Ella Rhodes reports on the line up for Vancouver 2015.
Our journalist Ella Rhodes synthesises some recent coverage of the changing face of gaming; with comment from Professor Chris Ferguson.
Ella Rhodes reports on contributions to the annual Edge.org question.
The results of a psychologist-led survey reveal the pressures facing prison officers and workers in psychiatric hospitals. Ella Rhodes reports.
Government plans for the sale of cigarettes in England are gathering pace - but does the research evidence support the strategy? Jon Sutton speaks to two health psychologists.
News from our February issue, including President's Column, Society awards and more.