We preview the Wellcome Collection season ‘On Happiness’, and hear from contributors Thomas Dixon, Lynne Segal and Robin Dunbar.
Chrissie Fitch attends ‘CAMHS around the Campfire’ virtual journal club on ‘ADHD in children and young people with autism, and pharmacological treatment’.
Zoe Sanderson (University of Bristol) reports from the EAWOP online conference.
Psychologists involved in arts collaboration.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes reports on Ethics Committee developments.
Ella Rhodes reports
Society directory launched.
The BPS has been looking into ways to support the recognition of wider psychological professions. Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes reports on the Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research winner.
Professor Niamh Stack appointed.
Ella Rhodes reports on a Society statement.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes hears from speakers for the forthcoming BPS Conference 2021.
Dr Katy Smart on a community initiative to help protect our long-term mental health.
Anne McNaught, a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and a radio/audio producer with many years at the BBC, shares a new way to explore the inner workings of your brain…
Leading experts appeal for an understanding of childhood traumatic bereavement during and beyond the pandemic.
Neuralink Monkey MindPong, deconstructed. Jon Sutton reports.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes reports on European Respiratory Society initiative.
New British Academy report, and interview with Dr Rowena Hill.
Jon Sutton on the Community Action and Resilience hub from the British Psychological Society.
British Psychological Society response to concerns over the award.
Ella Rhodes reports on a British Psychological Society webinar around issues of class.
This year's online event.