Including energy consumption, happiness, APA vote, brain injury scheme, a report on talent and autism and 'Media: the BBC Headroom campaign'.

Including President's column, penile plethysmography and more

Including Milgram redux, eyewitness memory, antidepressant debate and more.

Including President's column, Spearman medal, and end of life care report

Over three days in April, more than 900 delegates attended the Society’s Annual Conference at the Royal Dublin Society.
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Over three days in April, more than 900 delegates attended the Society’s Annual Conference at the Royal Dublin Society. They were treated to talks from a high-calibre set of speakers, including...

Including cannabis, paranoia, gaming gore, vision and sport, working memory and more.

Including President's column, Book and Doctoral Awards, and a summary of the Society's response to the Department of Health on statutory regulation.

Including President's column, an Honorary Fellowship for Professor David Canter, and a new equality and diversity plan.

Including compulsory treatment, anger, happiness, co-operation, and Zimbardo in the Media page.

Including Liz Campbell's first President's Column, fellowship citation and members shaping public policy

Including the latest on the APA and torture, the anti-depressant debate, suicide, 'The People Watchers' in Media, and more

News from the Society including President's column...

This month's news including stat reg news and media

Including the BPS President's column and events diary.

By the time you read this column considerable work will have been done preparing the Society’s response to the government consultation on the legislation for the statutory regulation of psychology...

Including stat reg consultations, event reports, Kasser and media news

February will bring the Society’s two formal responses to the two public consultations from the Health Professions Council (HPC) – one on standards of proficiency, and the other on threshold entry...

Including President's column, and the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology.

Including cancer care, child-friendly hospitals, women's gait, ADHD, feigning retardation, and Harriet Gross on media treatment of the social value of memory.

Dr Paul Redford (Chair, Psychologist Policy Commitee) and Dr Jon Sutton (Editor) explain the thinking behind the latest changes.

New lease of life for the History of Psychology Centre

Funding for mental health; war trauma in Sri Lanka; dyslexia; bystander apathy; and more