We hear from Rachel Simpson, chair of a working group on dyscalculia which has published new guidance with input from psychologists.
Ella Rhodes reports from the British Neuroscience Association’s Christmas symposium, held at Bush House in London. The theme, pain, will stay with the association through 2020, bringing together findings from molecular and cellular neuroscience as well as psychology.
Two new Bethlem exhibitions: The Four Ages of Woman, and Transitions.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes reports from the British Psychological Society’s second 'Careers in Psychology' event, held at the University College London Institute of Education.
Ella Rhodes reports on progress with the 'children and young people' priority for the British Psychological Society.
The latest British Psychological Society recognised tomes.
Ella Rhodes reports on the Nature Research Awards.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Keisha York on the BAME in Psychiatry and Psychology group.
Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne reports from the British Neuroscience Association’s ‘Credibility in Neuroscience’ manifesto launch at the House of Commons.
…And can psychology help us get there? Saskia Perriard-Abdoh, a Policy Advisor at the British Psychological Society, reports from a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Psychology.
Ella Rhodes reports from a recent roundtable meeting on children and young people’s anxiety related to tests and exams, bringing together representatives from Ofqual, the Department for Education and exam boards, teachers, psychologists and researchers.
Student elective awards from the Scar Free Foundation.
Ella Rhodes reports from a British Psychological Society ‘Careers in Psychology’ event.
Darel Cookson reports from 'Digital World and Me', a public event hosted and organised by Staffordshire University Psychology Department, and sponsored by the ESRC Festival of Social Science.
Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne reports from the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development’s 21st anniversary celebration.
Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne reports from ‘Reducing academic flying’, a symposium held at the University of Sheffield.
Ella Rhodes reports from this year's Stories of Psychology event, held at Friend’s House in London and organised by the British Psychological Society’s History of Psychology Centre.

These days psychologists are a common sight on our TV screens, and regularly heard on the radio. But this hasn’t always been the case. In this year’s Stories of Psychology, researchers traced...

Ella Rhodes reports on a survey of the working lives of members of the British Psychological Society.
Siobhan Currie, Christina Buxton and Ed Freeman with their report from a conference of the British Psychological Society’s Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology Section Committee.