Derrière Les Fronts by Alexandra Dols, reviewed by Dr Alan Kessedjian.
My Intense Emotions Handbook: Manage Your Emotions and Connect Better with Others (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) by Sue Knowles, Bridie Gallagher, and Hannah Bromley; reviewed by Jo Kirk.
Clara Clein Wolfe enjoys No Time To Die.
Our editor Jon Sutton watches 'Oliver Sacks: His Own Life', directed by Ric Burns and released on Altitude Films.
'The Frontiers of Knowledge: What We Now Know About Science, History and The Mind' (Viking) by A.C. Grayling, reviewed by Galen Ives.
'Life as a clinical psychologist: What is it really like?' (Critical Publishing) by Paul Jenkins, reviewed by Katie Voss and Alice McNamara.
Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis: Neoliberal Exceptionalism and the Culture of Uncare (Bloomsbury Academic) by Sally Weintrobe, reviewed by Annie Mitchell.
Nirma Bheeroo reviews the ACAMH podcast series on mental health.
Many Different Kinds of Love: A story of life, death and the NHS (Ebury Press) by Michael Rosen reviewed by Dr Jo Kirk.
'Performance Psychology for Dancers' by Erin Sanchez, Dave Collins and Áine MacNamara, published by The Crowood Press Ltd, reviewed by Gill Docherty.
Priya Ahmed reviews Strange but True on Netflix UK.
Forensic Psychology (3rd edition), published by Wiley, edited by David A. Crighton & Graham J. Towl; reviewed by Sophie Ellis.
The Mirror Trap, at Edinburgh Science Festival, reviewed by Harry Clark.
The Thriving Giver: 7 principles for health professionals and caregivers to enhance self-care and prevent burnout (Practical Inspiration Publishing) by Sarah Kuipers, reviewed by Mya Kirkwood.
Carlos Amartey reviews docuseries, Human: The World Within on Netflix UK.
Rebecca Wood watches 'The Reason I Jump', directed by Jerry Rothwell.
Catherine Loveday watches 'The Father', directed by Florian Zeller.
Neurodharma (Rider) by Rick Hanson, reviewed by Dr Marilyn Aitkenhead.
Friends: Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships by Robin Dunbar (Little Brown), reviewed by Talia Drew.
Selfless: A Psychologist’s journey through identity and social class by Geoffrey Beattie (Routledge), reviewed by Dr Laura Kilby.
Dominic Conroy watches Another Round, directed by Thomas Vinterburg.
Ending Parkinson’s Disease: A Prescription for Action by Ray Dorsey, Todd Sherer, Michael S. Okun, and Bastiaan R. Bloem (PublicAffairs, £14.99); reviewed by Dr Nicolò Zarotti.
A Toolkit for Modern Life: 53 Ways to Look After Your Mind (Quercus Publishing) by Emma Hepburn, reviewed by Philip Miti.
Esther Gillett watches Being Open Minded with Kendall Jenner.