Nick Wood watches Noughts + Crosses.
Annie Brookman-Byrne watches the play Run Sister Run.
Chrissie Fitch MBPsS attends opening night of one-woman comedy musical ‘Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff)’ at the Soho Theatre in London.
This particular happiness by Jackie Shannon Hollis (Forest Avenue Press) reviewed by Jean Ellis-Parr.
Drop the Disorder: Challenging the Culture of Psychiatric Diagnosis by Jo Watson (PCCS Books; £18.00), reviewed by Rebecca Regler.
The Art of Statistics by David Spiegelhalter (Pelican Books), reviewed by Marcus Munafò.
Abreen Rebello listens to Forest 404 by BBC Sounds.
Isobel Todd watches In Loco Parentis, Vincent Dance Theatre, at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing.
Dr Kevin Cheng watches American Factory (Directors: Julia Reichert, Steven Bognar).
Agrippina, an opera by Handel, was broadcast live from the Metropolitan Opera on 29 February. Terri Apter (University of Cambridge) considers what the character of this tiger mother tells us about mothers and their sons.
Gabriel Taylor watches How to Get Away with Murder on ABC.
The Rehabilitation of Sexual Offenders: Complexity, Risk and Desistance by Jackie Craissati (Routledge; £25.99), reviewed by Anna Motz.
Our editor Jon Sutton visits Van Gogh - The Immersive Exhibition.
Critical Realism for Psychologists (Routledge; £34.99) by David Pilgrim, reviewed by Jason Nickels.
Hugo Metcalfe watches Panorama’s ‘Failed by the NHS: Callie’s Story’.
Nguyễn Minh Phương watches Adam Kay's show 'This is Going to Hurt’.
Georgia Jerwood visits Genders: Shaping and Breaking the Binary, at Science Gallery London.
John Barry (University College London) visits 'Masculinities: Liberation through Photography' at the Barbican in London.
How to argue with a racist: History, science, race and reality by Adam Rutherford (Weidenfeld & Nicolson; £12.99), reviewed by Annie Brookman-Byrne.
Almas Talib watches the Oscar-winning 'Parasite'.
Advertising, gender and society: A psychological perspective (Routledge; £34.99) by Magdalena Zawisza-Riley, reviewed by Deborah Adeleke.
Dr Flora Cornish reflects on a critical reading and dialogue group led by Dr Deanne Bell at the 2019 Festival of Community Psychology.
Sally Marlow watches the film The Lighthouse directed by Robert Eggers.
Dr Adam Freeman visits an exhibition at The Lowry in Salford Quays. Where technology and biology meet, does art naturally grow?
Dr Jeremy Swinson watches The Personal History of David Copperfield, directed by Armando Iannucci.