Stephen Gibson reviews 'Experimenter', a new film on the life of Stanley Milgram, directed by Michael Almereyda.
Including a web-only selection.
Dr Catherine Loveday reviews a new play by Nick Payne at the Donmar Theatre.
Dr Mark Wetherell reviews 'Opening Skinner's Box' at the Northern Stage.
The 'Love + Radio' podcast, reviewed by Kate Johnstone.
Dr Carolyn McGettigan reviews 'This is a Voice', the latest exhibition at London's Wellcome Collection.
With a proper psychologist making an appearance in the latest James Bond film, Professor G. Neil Martin looks at how and why scientists have studied the secret agent.
A selection from the print edition.
A book review from the May 2016 edition.
Dr Peter Olusoga reviews 'I am the Greatest: Muhammad Ali at the O2'.
Tom Farsides reviews Calculating Kindness at the Camden People's Theatre.
Sarah Cleaver reviews the first part of 'Employable Me', from the BBC.
We sought views on new BBC autism drama 'The A Word'; from Graham Findlay, whose son has ASD, and Jonathan Andrews, an autistic self-advocate.
Kate Johnstone reviews Anomalisa.
Huw Green reviews a new film with the tagline 'Her brain is broken. Her spirit is limitless.'
Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe reviews the return of The X-Files on Channel 5.
Sarah Smith reviews 'The Man Without a Shadow' by Joyce Carol Oates.
Kate Johnstone reviews 'The not so secret life of the manic depressive', part of the BBC's 'In the Mind' series.
Michelle Cree reflects on BBC One’s 'My Baby, Psychosis, and Me', part of the 'In the Mind' series.
Jenny Doe reviews the 'States of Mind' exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London.
Deborah Husbands reviews two events from the Southbank Centre's 'Changing Minds' festival.
Including 'Anxious' by Joseph LeDoux.
Colin Cooper's book, reviewed.
Kate Johnstone reviews 'Oog', an offering from the London International Mime Festival.