Including failure; memoirs of an addicted brain; Geoffrey Beattie; and life after trauma

Including Steven Pinker's latest book, reviewed by Roy Baumeister

the self-illusion; father–daughter relationships; hearing voices; business psychology; and more, including web-only reviews

Includes web-only reviews

the learning powered school; effect sizes; anxiety and worry; developing destinies; online only reviews and more

early memory; the new statistics; the optimism bias; the social cure; and the psychologically literate citizen

toilet psychology; social neuroscience; the mindful workplace; PTSD; and qualitative research methods

mental models in the novel; modern CBT; dyslexia; House and psychology; and more, including web-only reviews

the organisation of the mind; longitudinal data analysis; the psychology book; and more

Huw Green on the film adaptation of The Woman in Black, a journey through superstition and paranoia.

James Watkin’s film adaptation of The Woman in Black provides us with a fantastic opportunity to examine the psychology that lies behind our innate tendency to tell ourselves the stories that help...

understanding madness; music cognition; social development; marriage and family therapy; and more

minority influence; errors; 30-second psychology; and more

trauma; psychology and catholicism; educational psychology; gerontology; and cluttering

the empathic brain; the madness of women; rethinking school bullying; psychology in social contexts

Jung in the city; Freud on coke; positive psychology at work; and more

the new psychology of leadership, human attention in digital environments, and more (including web-only reviews)

questions of religion and spirituality; a case for educational change; strategies for helping the shy child; and more

rationality for mortals; adjusting to life after deployment; stories of recovery and hope; and more, including web-only reviews

a novel contribution to the theory of mind; rethinking psychosis; protecting children from violence; and more

a Rough Guide to Psychology from The Psychologist journalist and Research Digest editor; media and youth; psychometric theory; and web-only reviews

The globalisation of the Western mind; stories of loss and growth; the myth of autism; and web-only reviews

narratives in human science; challenging religion; creativity in the classroom; and web-only reviews

gifted lives; basics of psychotherapy; the psychology of sailing; and more, including web-only reviews

detention and release of mentally disordered patients, the environment, policy making and personnel selection

diary drawings of mental illness; forensic psychology; ‘Aspergirls’ and more (including web only reviews)