Richard Hoy 1930-2019

An appreciation.

As sometimes happens, it was only at Christmas time that we heard that Richard had died earlier in the year. 

Richard Hoy was the Head of the Clinical Psychology Service in Chester from 1964 until he retired at the age of 59 in 1989. Richard was at Cambridge from 1951-54, studying Natural Sciences, including Mathematics, Minerology and Physics. After Professor Sandford’s appointment to Cambridge, Richard transferred in the third year of his tripos to Psychology. Richard worked in Cambridge until 1956, then moved to Bellsdyke Hospital in Larbert, Scotland. His clinical psychology training was informally self-managed, as he described it. Richard’s particular interest was in the psychology of George Kelly. He worked in Scotland until 1964, when he came to take up his post in Chester. 

I first knew Richard in the mid-1970s, as a Probationer Grade (which was what trainees were then called) on placement in Chester in the early stages of my clinical training. He was kind and encouraging, with a bearded professorial air which was slightly intimidating to my inexperienced self. It was a surprise to realise much later that he was only in his mid-40s at the time. NHS Psychology services seemed less pressured then, and there was time not only for lunch, but walks in the hospital grounds while discussing philosophical and psychological matters.  The entire Clinical Psychology service for Chester and District then was 2 psychologists in adult mental health services, and one in child services, with secretarial support, and trainees from Liverpool University Clinical Psychology course on placement occasionally. (Linda)

Richard was my professional manager from when I joined the small but friendly Department in 1982. I hadn’t met anybody quite like him but found him to have had a gentle but effective manner. He took on the role of coordinator when I undertook the BPS Diploma. He was encouraging and proved himself to have great understanding of the bureaucracies this involved. It was a pleasure to keep occasionally in touch throughout his retirement. I last visited him in November 2018. Although physically unwell he was inquisitive as to how things are in the Chester service and Clinical Psychology profession. (Stewart)

Richard and his wife Marjorie lived in West Kirby in the Wirral for many years after retirement. Ill health eventually meant a move into residential care together in Liverpool. They died in May 2019 within a few days of each other. They are survived by two daughters.

Linda and Stewart Shuttleworth, Chester. January 2020.

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