Sexual abuse and sexual violence

We gather content from our archive on supporting survivors, treating perpetrators, and much more.

We’ve had articles focusing on those who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence:

Creating safer night time economies
Kimberley Hill and Graham Towl

'I don't think I really had the language to say what was happening'
Julienne Zammit, on a new report over abuse in healthcare contexts

The justice system is failing victims and survivors of sexual violence
Tammi Walker, Alison Foster, Rabiya Majeed-Ariss and Miranda Horvath on a role for psychologists in improving processes and protection around rape cases

‘Women fight victim blaming every step of the way’
Jessica Taylor on her book Why women are blamed for everything: Exploring victim blaming of women subjected to violence and trauma

No passive tellers of their past
Jennifer O’Mahoney on narrative psychology and historical institutional abuse

Who looks and sounds like a psychologist
Khadija Rouf argues that there is 'a real, and as yet, unnamed form of prejudice and discrimination against people who are survivors'

Speaking the unspeakable
Rebekah Eglinton on the Truth Project, part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

'This is about their truth'
Clinical Psychologist Dr Rachel Happer on her role as Head of the National Confidential Forum

Psychology has a sexual harassment problem…
… and tackling it requires reckoning with the past that brought us here, argue Jacy L.Young and Peter Hegarty

Freud and penis envy – a failure of courage?
Riya Yadav with a critical take on one of the psychoanalyst’s most controversial theories

Tackling sexual violence at universities
Graham Towl argues for urgent action … and John McAlaney responds

Revealing hidden issues
Ella Rhodes reports on progress on non-recent sexual abuse

Child victims of war and disaster
Ella Rhodes reports from an event of the British Psychological Society's Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology Section

On not knowing the colour of a patient’s eyes
In an exclusive extract from his book Psychotherapy with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse: The Invisible Men, Alan Corbett discusses working with profound depression

Sidelining the survivors of sexual abuse?
Khadj Rouf and Danny Taggart review Channel 4 drama National Treasure, written by Jack Thorne

The ‘minority’ man?
Jessica McCarrick looks at how gender stereotypes impacts society’s views of intimate partner violence

Hope amongst horror
Ella Rhodes watches the play ‘How I learned to drive' and the post-performance discussion with Claudia Hammond and Dr Lucy Maddox

Human trafficking
Christina MacDonald on a pilot project supporting victims of human trafficking

‘We all have a responsibility to challenge sexual violence in universities’
Madeleine Pownall reports from Graham Towl’s talk

The unheard victims
Michelle Lowe and Bob Balfour look at service provision for male sexual abuse survivors

Between a rock and a hard place
Miranda Horvath and Jennifer Brown look at the vicious cycle for rape victims

The intrapersonal civil war
Rebecca Johnson asks what control theory can contribute to our understanding of dissociative identity disorder

'Mentally, the client had invaded that space'
Tia Moin on an experience delivering online coaching


Here are our articles focusing on perpetrators of sexual abuse and sexual violence:

Words which can catch a wolf
Talia Gilbey on detecting cyber predators through technology

Hope in treating sexual offenders
The Rehabilitation of Sexual Offenders: Complexity, Risk and Desistance by Jackie Craissati, reviewed by Anna Motz

‘We need to change the conversation’
Terri van Leeson on her work as a forensic psychologist

"Who holds prison psychologists to account?"
A prisoner at HMP Whatton writes to us, and their Governor and Psychology Lead respond

Does the cycle of violence truly cycle?
Ella Rhodes on whether violence is linked to history of sexual abuse, and more

'We must not turn our faces away from the bad'
Dee Anand on a Ministry of Justice review of the Sex Offender Treatment Programme

The emperor’s new clothes?
Graham Towl and David Crighton consider sex offender treatment and the ‘New Public Management’ trend

A discussion on the treatment of sex offenders and potential offenders began in our letters pages with Alex Hossack (scroll down). This was followed with responses from David Pilgrim and Simon Duff, followed by Ben Aaron MacLeodan anonymous contributor, and Liz McGonagle.


Here are some relevant resources from the BPS:
(Welsh Government) Draft national violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence indicators
Guidance on the Management of Disclosures of Non-Recent (Historic) Child Sexual Abuse (2016)
Developing Assessment and Treatment Practices for Female Sexual Offenders


The charity Mind have a list of organisations and services who can help those who have experienced sexual abuse. 

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