Ten of the best from Oliver Sacks, 1933-2015

We pay tribute to the neurologist and author.

When we interviewed him in the September 2013 issue, Oliver Sacks said "I don't feel proud of anything". Here we pay tribute by suggesting some writing, talks etc that he surely should have had a soft spot for.

- My own life: On learning he has terminal cancer
- TED talk: On blindness, hallucinations and cave art
- My periodic table
Musicked down the mountain: How Oliver Sacks saved his own life by literature and song
- On Desert Island Discs
- Altered states: self-experiments in chemistry
- Fresh air interview, 1987
- Mishearings
- Urge (his last published article)
- Face-blind

Also, ten of the best tributes:

- Temple Grandin
- Vaughan Bell
- Adam Zeman
- Gregory Cowles in the New York Times
- Maria Popova
- Steve Silberman (from 2002)
- Douwe Draaisma
- 7 of Sacks' most fascinating case studies
- Christof Koch
- Radiolab (including that photo… wow!)

What are your own favourite Oliver Sacks pieces? What did he mean to you? Log in as a BPS member to leave your comments below, or email us on [email protected].

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I found his book Awakenings very moving, and I have recently bought another 5 or 6 of his books. I cannot wait to read them. :)