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A brief history of dyslexia
Philip Kirby on the significance of evolving views of the condition, and efforts to preserve records of them.

Dyslexia – in tune but out of time
Usha Goswami examines difficulties in ‘temporal sampling’.

‘Find your dyslexic people and nurture them’
Debbie Gordon, Assistant to the Managing Editor talks to Professor Rod Nicolson about his approach.

The end of dyslexia?
Julian G. Elliott and Elena L. Grigorenko argue that the label is a cultural meme that remains unscientific and conceptually problematic.

The future of thinking differently
An exclusive extract from Gail Saltz's book 'The Power of Different: The Link Between Disorder and Genius', in which she considers the experience of having a learning difference.

‘I was doing my childhood dream job, thanks to psychology’
James Olav Hill is a psychology graduate and a freelance shooting producer director for television who sees his dyslexia as an advantage.

The entrepreneur within
Managing Editor Jon Sutton meets entrepreneur Nancy Doyle who helps individuals with dyslexia.

Are neurodevelopmental disorders discrete conditions?
Emilia Misheva considers the evidence around dyslexia and other disorders.

'It is diverse brains and the consequent breadth of talents and abilities that are pivotal to our future'
Joyce Hargrave-Wright reminisces on a life in psychology, including forming the Dyslexia Association. 

The enigma of dyslexic musicians
Dorothy Bishop for the Research Digest.

Is dyslexia associated with exceptional visual-spatial abilities?
Christian Jarrett for the Research Digest.

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Should we do away with ‘dyslexia’?
Anne Castles, Kevin Wheldall, and Mandy Nayton for The Conversation.

A historial perspective on the ‘dyslexia myth’
Philip Kirby and Maggie Snowling on the Read Oxford blog.

Neurodiversity, label stigma, & UDL with Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann & Alyssa Boucher
An episode of the SeeHearSpeak Podcast.

A brief history of dyslexia and the role women played in getting it recognised
Philip Kirby for The Conversation.

Dyslexia is not the same in all languages
An episode of ‘Science in Action’ on the BBC.

Teachers don’t understand the depth of dyslexia
Cathryn Knight for The Conversation.

Find information and advice on the British Dyslexia Association website.

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