The Development of Psychology as a Profession

Ingrid Lunt, President Elect and Chair of the Council Working Party, reports.
THE final report on the Development of Psychology as a Profession was accepted by the Council at its October 1997 meeting. The main contribution of this Council Working Party has been to construct a vision for the Society, which was welcomed and accepted by the Council in May 1996, and to organize a Colloquium for subsystems to discuss this vision and the Society’s Strategic Plan. The Colloquium took place in March 1997. The vision was expansionist and optimistic, setting a direction for the Society to build on its many strengths. It also supported strongly the development of psychology both as a science and as a profession, in its basic research, applied research and applied practice aspects. The report was warmly welcomed, both by Council and by subsystems and individual members, and reflected an expressed need for vision and direction.

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