Edition 3

The Professional Affairs Board recently called for an authoritative account of thr revision of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Tom McMillian and Stephen Ireland take up this challenge.

MANY if not most of us know
someone who has been the
victim of a violent assault, and
can understand that the neurological and
psychological consequences in particular...

Andy Young and Vicki Bruce report on their exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

FOR centuries, the face has provided artists with a subject which is both technically demanding and rich in social significance. Many of the most famous works of Western art have been portraits or...

How do we measure the quality of life facing children with long-term or chronic health problems? Christine Eiser looks at the progress in this article, origanally given as the 1997 C.S. Myers Lecture.

IMPROVEMENTS in medical care
mean that survival rates in children
with a wide range of chronic conditions
have improved significantly within
the relatively recent past. It...