Edition 5

Robert J. Edelmann

AS a keen observer of human behaviour I have
always been fascinated by one peculiarly human
emotion. An emotion which frequently causes personal
distress and yet, paradoxically,...

Paul Clifford describes the work of the Society's Centre for Clinical Outcomes, Research and Effectiveness.

BARELY a week goes by without a
highly-publicised incident involving
an ex-psychiatric patient. The
media headlines proclaim yet another
failure of community care and...

Sexual relations
between applied
psychologists and
service users,
and between
psychologists and
students/trainees was
the subject of a study
by Tanya Garrett.
Here she presents
her findings and
calls on the Society
to give urgent
attention to
the issue

IN 1992 I conducted a national,
anonymous survey of members of
the Division of Clinical Psychology
(DCP) of The British Psychological
Society in relation to their...

The controversy surrounding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has overshadowed one very important
issue —how can psychologists help patients with CFS?
Peter Spencer, a former sufferer himself,recalls how cognitive behavioural techniqes helped put him on the road to recovery.

IN the Summer of 1994 I was struck by
the illness known as Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome (a.k.a. Post Viral Fatigue
Syndrome (PVFS) or Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis — ME). It was...

Guy Claxton on the value of not always understanding what is going on.

INTUITION has been an uncomfortable,
and therefore, for most of this
century a neglected, notion in psychology.
It smacks too much of things
from which psychology as an...