Edition 6

Chris Brewin discusses cutting edge research on intrusive autobiographical memory-and how it could lead to better treatment of depression.

CLIENTS’ memories for their own
history and personal experiences
— what cognitive psychologists
refer to as autobiographical memory —
have never ceased to be a source of...

Life in modern society is full of dilemmas which have serious implications for public welfare. Mark Van Vugt argues that a multi-disciplinary approach involving psychologists is the only way to tackle them successfully.

EVERY citizen enjoys the benefits of
public services, such as hospitals,
libraries and the police, but most
will be reluctant to pay extra taxes to
maintain them. Car...

Keith Oatley on Emotion as the Measure of Humankind-the first of an occasional series of 'State of the Art' guides to major topics in psychology.

IN James Cameron’s film Terminator 2
a humanoid robot played by Arnold
Schwarzenegger explains that he (it)
is equipped with a micro-chip based on
connectionist neural-net...

1998 Annual Conference
26-29 March
Brighton Conferencce Centre

THIS year’s Annual Conference returned once
more to the Brighton seafront. The wet and
windy weather made battling with the elements
between the hotels and the Brighton...