Publish and perish

Michael Gruneberg discusses some negative influences of the Research Assessment Exercise.
MANY people, including myself, will have read with considerable pleasure the ‘Personal space’ by Alan Baddeley on the adverse influence of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) on publication patterns of UK academics (The Psychologist, June 1998). In particular, he points to the pressure to publish in high-level American journals rather than in British or European outlets. However, in some respects Baddeley does not go far enough in his criticism of these RAE influences. On the other hand, the pressure to publish in American journals, as Baddeley notes, is not only because of the RAE; this needs more teasing out.

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At last I have begun exploring the mysteries of the BPS archives - an urgent quest since I am told I will need permission from the BPS to quote a conference paper I presented 20+ years ago. But unless I can find the Proceedings I will not be allowed to do so. BUT - imagine my delight when I find an article by Mike Gruneberg, one of my favourite lecturers in Swansea c 1967-70, in the Feb 1999 edition of The Psychologist. Ironically his warning answers my call 23 years later - thank you so much for renewed inspiration in my hour of need! Thank you all in from Swansea in the late 60's - I became a psychologist eventually! Tony Lysons and John Castel were inspirations too. May we find a friendly bar somewhere between the Swansea beaches, Welsh mountains and Heaven where we can meet again and just say Thank You!