Edition 3

Michael Argyle

I DID not go into psychology to solve my own problems, it was to understand someone else’s. I had a friend at school who was very shy and socially unskilled (as we would now say), and this...

Peer commentaries by Steve Reicher, Ann Phoenix, and Gerry Finn. Plus reply by Kwame Owusu-Bempah and Dennis Howitt.

n this peer commentary target article, Kwame Owusu-Bempah
and Dennis Howitt argue that psychology perpetuates racism
— in particular, by contributing to the myth of black self-hatred.

THIRTY years ago, psychologists, sociologists and other social scientists were publicly charged by UNESCO with the responsibility for tackling racism at its very root (UNESCO, 1967). Since then,...

Continuing from last month, Fiona Jones, Associate Editor for Conference reports, presents a further selection of reports from the Society’s London Conference held in December.