Edition 7

Tommy MacKay argues for radical change in the principles and funding of the British educational system. This article is based on his Award for Challenging Inequality
of Opportunity Lecture given at the Society’s Annual Conference, March 1998.

‘EDUCATION and the disadvantaged: is there any justice?’ There is a sense, of course, in which that question begs the answer ‘No — there is no justice.’ That is not, however, precisely the answer...

Continuing from last month, Fiona Jones, Associate Editor for Conference reports, presents more reports from the Society’s Annual Conference held in Belfast in April.

Karen Burt and Mike Oaksford define roles for qualitative methods in developing scientific hypotheses and in fields where objective experiment is impractical.

OVER the last few years, there has been much debate in The Psychologist about the role of qualitative research in psychological science (Morgan, 1996, 1998; Stevenson & Cooper, 1997; Cooper...

In her winning entry in the undergraduate category, Kate Lothian considers the detection and treatment of depression in older people.
Alice Muir, the winner in the postgraduate category, takes a new look at stress and anxiety.

Kate Lothian - DEPRESSION has been labelled ‘the most prevalent mental health problem of elderly people’ (Mui, 1996, p.633). Indeed, depression in old age is almost twice as common as dementia (...